Tuesday, 28 April 2015

HadISD v1.0.3.2014f released

The latest version of HadISD has been made available on the hadobs website.  This version (v1.0.3.2014f) supercedes the preliminary version from earlier this year (v1.0.3.2014p).  There have been further updates to the ISD source data for the years 2012,2013 and 2014 since the preliminary dataset was created in January, but no changes in earlier years.  

The raw data were downloaded on 7th April 2014, and processed over the subsequent days.  Despite the updates to the ISD, as the previous version was preliminary, we retain the version number (v1.0.3.2014) and only increment the descriptor to "final". This version still contains 6103 stations, with 4060 passing the final filtering checks, as for the preliminary version.  

As always, if you find anything untoward in the data, please contact the dataset maintainers.

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