Monday, 1 August 2016

HadISD available at CEDA/BADC with updated licence

We have been working with the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) over the past year or so to make some of the datasets currently available on the HadOBS website also available through the BADC Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) data archive as part of the CLIPC project.

HadISD v1.0.3.2014f and v1.0.4.2015p are now available through that portal.  Not all the facets available in the netCDF files hosted by HadOBS are included in these data, but the climate variables and quality information are present.

We intend that CEDA becomes an alternate route for users to access our data and also be able use some of their download tools (e.g. via OpenDAP).

As part of this process we have updated the licence under which HadISD is released.  This also ensures that the data comply with the licence issued by NOAA/NCEI on the ISD dataset.  The new licence is as follows:

"HadISD is distributed under the Non Commercial Government Licence. The data are available for non-commercial use with attribution to the data providers. Please cite Dunn et al (2012). This product may contain data which are governed by WMO Policy following WMO Resolution 40 Annex 1 alongside additional data that may have restrictions placed on their commercial use by the data owners. Any redistribution of this product should be accompanied by a similar statement of usage policy."

Any users who have concerns about what HadISD can be used for are encouraged to get in touch to discuss their project.