Monday, 27 January 2014


We are in the process of finalising the update to HadISD version  All plots and files should appear on the website later this week. This update extends the coverage of the dataset to the end of 2013 (31 December at 2300 inclusive).  It remains a preliminary dataset as there could still be further updates to the ISD dataset in the next few months.  We hope to do a processing run for the final version some time around Easter (to create

We decided not to run an update last year (to what would have been v1.0.1.2012f) as the maintainers of the ISD were doing some large updates to the raw files.  It would only make sense to do the update once the ISD was stable, which would have meant our update being released towards the end of the year.  However, we hope that this year we can stick to our planned update cycle.

The raw data were downloaded on 14th January 2014, and processed over the subsequent week.  There have been changes to all of the raw files in 2010, 2011 and 2012 as part of the ISD update process mentioned above.  We have made no substantial changes to the codes which do the conversion to NetCDF files or the Quality Control suite.  Hence the version number has only incremented by 0.0.1 and the year.

This version still contains 6103 stations, with 4071 passing the final filtering checks, down slightly from the 4206 in v1.0.1.2012p (see the HadISD paper Section 6).  The patterns of flagging are very similar to v1.0.1.2012p.  However if you find something strange, do let us know using the contact details on the HadISD website.  Please note the stations which are known to have issues, documented on this blog and on the website.

Percentage of data removed by the QC tests for Temperature in HadISD v1.0.2.2013p
Percentage of data removed by the QC tests for Dewpoint Temperature in HadISD v1.0.2.2013p

Percentage of data removed by the QC tests for SLP in HadISD v1.0.2.2013p.  SLP is not reported at all time stamps, and so with shorter records the amount removed can appear higher.

We hope do have time to do some more development work on HadISD during 2014 which will address these stations as well as other improvements we have in mind.  So, if there are any requests, do get in touch.

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