Thursday, 25 April 2013

Quality Control Code Released

We have released the IDL code which performs the detailed quality control (QC) on the HadISD data.  This is the code as it was used for the v1.0.1.2012p release.  We are not supporting the code, but there is a README file included in the zip archive, which can be found here.  Most of the necessary files should be available in the online material.  However if there are any input files or IDL program files that you feel are missing please do let us know so that we can include them or explain why they have not been included.

The code that has been released is scientific code.  During its development we have tried to ensure its readability.  However it is a complex piece of code, and we welcome all suggestions on how to improve it for future versions of HadISD.  The dataset is still under development, and so we envisage there being changes in the code (both language and logic) in the future.

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