Monday, 11 February 2013

2 Stations with the Wrong Latitudes

Thanks to Tim McVicar (CSIRO) we've found two stations that have been listed with the wrong latitude in our station listing files:

917650 61705 PAGO PAGO       +14332 -170711 +00030  (should be -14.3, -170.7)
    (American Samoa)
619670 70701 DIEGO GARCIA +07300 +072400 +00027  (should be -7.3, 72.4)

Both of these stations have the wrong latitudes in both v1.0.0.2011f and currently v1.0.1.2012p.  The listing files will be updated and synchronised with the ISD listing files before running the final v1.0.1.2012f quality control run.

Please do let us know if you find any other quirks in the data.
See also comment here regarding affect on HadISDH.

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